Get PAID to Short Sell

YES, you can get PAID UP TO $30,000 to short sell! There are several Government programs available to assist in relocation after a Short Sale. In addition, there are bank specific programs available that will pay up to $30,000 to do a short sale. HAFA Program: HAFA stands for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Completely […]

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Loan Modifications

Get some experience on your side. A loan modification occurs when terms of a mortgage are modified outside of what was originally specified in the contract. The federal government passed the Federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) in February of 2009 to streamline the loan modification process. This legislation was recently amended to include provisions […]


Click here for a free Attorney consultation and PDF Short Sale Guides! Are you facing foreclosure or over leveraged on your property? Has a recent hardship made it difficult to make your mortgage payments? The biggest mistake you can make is giving up and accepting the foreclosure process! There are solutions. Default On Purpose specializes […]

Short Sales

Click here for a free Attorney consultation and PDF Short Sale Guides! Avoid Costly Taxes With A Short Sale. A short sale is the sale of home in which the proceeds are not sufficient to meet the mortgage debt obligation. Short sales have become the preferred option to avoid foreclosure. When to short sale: The […]

Strategic Default FAQ’s

What is a Strategic Default? A Strategic Default is when a borrower decides to stop paying a mortgage even though they may still be able to afford the payment. When the value of a property has fallen far below the mortgage debt and recovery of the equity lost is expected to take years, a borrower […]

Strategic Default Experts In Arizona

Thousands of Americans like you are are choosing Strategic Default as the first step to rebuilding their financial freedom. Are you late on your mortgage payments? Do you owe more than your house is worth? Are you facing a hardship that is making it difficult or impossible to make your payments? Have you been notified [...]

Why Strategic Default

Click here for a free Attorney consultation and PDF Short Sale Guides! Does a strategic default make sense for you? Strategic default begins to make financial sense once homeowners realize that: From a business and financial standpoint, it does not make sense to continue putting money into an over-leveraged, underwater asset that may never be […]


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Click here for a free Attorney consultation and PDF Short Sale Guides! How long will a foreclosure last on my credit? Lenders usually look back 7.5 years when determining whether or not to loan.  Read More [+] The Foreclosure can remain on your credit report for seven years but the effects will diminish each year. […]